Tim Thompson

Tim has dedicated over 12 years to working in Canadian communities and providing our youth with better opportunities. His leadership skills in the Canadian Armed Forces have given him the opportunity to live and work in rural and urban centers across Canada.

Tim Thompson was born in Quispamsis and raised by his mother, Carol, a hardworking nurse and single mother of five. Tim currently resides in rural New Brunswick in the Bellisle and serves as a full-time reservist at base Gagetown. Having served 14 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, Tim Thompson plans to take his proven leadership experience to the Legislature as the next MLA for Sussex-Fundy-St. Martins.

Tim is a graduate of the New Brunswick Community College in Miramichi and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from St. Thomas University in 2011.

Tim and his family have strong connections to Sussex, St. Martins, and the Fundy area. His younger years were spent at the Seaside Campground in St Martins in the Summer, and skiing the slopes of Poley Mountain in the winter. He ensures to take full advantage of the beauty of New Brunswick all year round, and to support the local businesses that form the backbone of our rural communities.

Tim’s desire to enter politics was inspired by the core values of his family and community, as well as his discipline and organizational skills acquired in the military. Tim believes in the Green Party’s  plan to provide New Brunswickers with better and more inclusive access to healthcare, a sustainable local economy, and a stronger voice for our rural communities. Tim strives to protect and preserve our forests to ensure hunters, hikers, ATV trail riders, and all outdoor enthusiasts can continue to enjoy the natural beauty of our province for years to come.

In order to better support the healthcare requirements of our province, Tim would like to work with educational institutions to expand the training of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals here in New Brunswick.  With an aging population, our healthcare system is in need of more professionals to support our population and attract new families to our province. 

To support our rural communities, such as Sussex and St. Martins, Tim would like to see a Minister of Rural Affairs in the legislature to ensure there is fair representation outside of our major urban centres. This direct representation would help protect and develop our resources such as the Sussex Health Centre, the covered bridge in St. Martins, and the Fundy Trail.

Tim is a member of the Cadet Instructor Cadre branch of the Canadian Armed Forces. He has dedicated much of his life to working in Canadian communities and providing our youth with better opportunities. Through his career with the Canadian Armed Forces, Tim Thompson has had the opportunity to live and work in rural and urban centres across Canada, gaining a wealth of valuable experience.

Tim has also worked as a civilian contractor alongside Canadian military members in Afghanistan and Dubai. He was deployed on 3 assignments overseas to aid in the support of our troops in their missions. During his time there, he worked with Canadians of all backgrounds and developed exceptional leadership skills.

When Tim is not working to build a better future for Canadians, he spends his time outdoors enjoying the natural beauty of New Brunswick with his partner Travis Simms, and their rescue dogs, Chinook, Baxer, and Brigus. You will find him embracing Canada’s different seasons at local farmers markets, the sugar bush, local festivals, hiking, skiing and enjoying our lakes, rivers and coastline.

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