Election Platform 2020

Election Platform 2020

This election platform flows from New Brunswick values of fairness, self-reliance and mutual aid.  When we need something done, we do it ourselves.  When our neighbours are in need, we step up.  We are family-centred and community-minded. We treasure our lands and waters.  Greens believe government should reflect these values, and that is why we make these platform commitments.

Rebuilding Good Government and Public Services

For more than thirty years, successive governments have centralized both the decision-making powers and the management of public services. The result has been that citizens now have less say in the management and delivery of those services which are so important in their everyday lives, particularly health and education.

Good government includes putting in place the tools to listen to citizens on how to manage public services. A good government will adequately fund public services to meet the public’s needs and expectations. Finally, good government keeps public services under public control; it does not turn them over to profit-making corporations.

Senior Care

Our government has a moral responsibility to provide respectful, high quality care for senior citizens in long...

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Building the Green Economy

For too long, governments have pursued economic growth at all costs. But growth that destroys forests and wetlands, and dumps pollution into our air, rivers and bays is uneconomic. While companies may profit, our children and grandchildren pay the price.

We must have a strong plan to recover from the economic impact of Covid-19. And that plan has to rebuild Green.

Rather than looking backwards with tired, failed 20th century thinking, a Green economy moves confidently forward, anticipating and meeting the challenges of the climate emergency with creativity and energy.


After power plants, transportation is the next largest contributor to climate-changing pollution. To meet our climate change...

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Building a Green Society

The fight against climate change and the transition towards a green economy needs an activist government, as well as the mobilization of all sectors of society. If everyone is to contribute, it is essential that each person is respected and feels secure in a society that values them. A Green society celebrates and protects social and cultural equality and diversity.

Reducing poverty

We must place the well-being and dignity of New Brunswickers at the heart of all government decisions....

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