Green Accomplishments

You may have heard voters and pundits question what good can come from electing Greens? How can they possibly accomplish anything when outnumbered by Liberals and Conservatives.

With the deck stacked against them, here is a sampling of what David, the lone Green MLA, managed to accomplish from 2014 to 2018, as well as what Megan, Kevin and David achieved together from 2018 to June of this year. 

Pretty incredible, right? Greens are also the only party to make their voting records publicly available in an effort to remain transparent and accountable to New Brunswickers of all political stripes.

  • An Act to Amend the Crown Lands and Forests Act (David) – to ensure a competitive marketplace for private woodlot owners and ban glyphosate spraying on crown land.
  • An Act to Amend the Family Income Security Act (David) – calling on the Government to reduce barriers for people on social assistance, such as removing the Household Income Policy, which prevents two social assistance recipients from sharing an apartment.
  • Local Food Security Act (Kevin) – would require the Government to set targets for local food procurement by public entities.
  • An Act to Amend the Industrial Relations Act (Kevin) – would ban the use of replacement workers (scabs) during a strike or lockout.
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Protection Act (Megan) –would ban the use of conversion therapy against minors in New Brunswick.
  • An Act to Amend the Education Act (Megan) – will ensure an appreciation and understanding of Indigenous languages is included in the public school curriculum. This Bill passed with all-party support.
  • An Act to Amend the Residential Tenancies Act (David) – would create greater protections for tenants. Including allowing tenants who are victims of domestic violence or have had a change in life circumstances (income or accessibility due to a medical condition, roommate has died, is required to go to a nursing home, etc.) to leave a lease early.
  • An Act to Amend the Electricity Act (David) – would allow municipalities and First Nations to directly purchase local, small-scale, renewable power for their own purposes.
  • Ban the spraying of glyphosate over our Crown Land (Nov 2018 – David)
  • Ban financial assistance to companies known to use tax havens. (May 2020 – Kevin)
  • Institute a 40% cap on the concentration of print media ownership in the province and prohibit the cross-ownership of media and non-media businesses. (June 2020 – Kevin)
  • Have a legislative committee study healthcare reform, including public consultations and presentations from stakeholders and subject matter experts (March 2020 – Megan)
  • Have Government complete a comprehensive review of social assistance rates, immediately increase social assistance rates and have the Government pursue a basic income pilot project for New Brunswick with the federal gov’t (March 2020 – David)
  • Add “food” to the title of the Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture & Fisheries (March 2020 – Kevin)
  • Have the Government to commit to ensuring at least 10 percent of the goods and services it procures in the fiscal year 2020-2021 be sourced locally and study what further items could be procured locally. (May 2020 – David)
  • Give all workers access to 5 paid sick days and 10 additional emergency days, if required due to a health pandemic or other emergency situation; commit to a path to a $15 an hour minimum wage over the coming 2 years; and ensure that workers receive overtime pay of one and a half times their wage. (June 2020 – Megan)
  • Create an agency that would have the mandate to promote and develop jobs in renewable energy, energy efficiency and public transportation, and invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency and public transport. Create targets to have 80% renewable energy on the grid by 2030 and 100% renewable energy on the grid by 2050. Reduce barriers to generating green energy by allowing municipalities and First Nations to directly purchase small-scale, New Brunswick-based renewable energy for their government operations. (June 2020 – David)
  • Transfer the management of Ambulance New Brunswick to Horizon and Vitalité health authorities. (Nov 2018 – Megan)
  • Ask a Committee of the Legislature to: review the 2003 Commission on Legislative Democracy’s recommendation to establish a system of Mixed-Member Proportional Representation. Invite the public to appear before the Committee to provide their views on Mixed-Member Proportional Representation, and recommend a public process to determine whether to implement Mixed-Member Proportional Representation that will be completed by the next election. (Nov 2018 – Kevin)
  • Social assistance rates increased for the first time in six years (now tied to inflation).
  • Advocated for TV cameras to be installed in the committee room this Summer
  • Convinced the Government to have municipalities negotiate with fire and police unions on changes to the arbitration process before being debated in the Legislature.
  • Negotiated an all-party agreement to get Education Act amendments through 2nd reading when otherwise a Green bill would not have been able to move past committee stage in this session.
  • Got the Government to move faster on implementing amendments to the Residential Tenancies
  • Act to allow victims of domestic violence to get out of their lease.
  • Convinced Higgs to publicly state that overnight ER closures were no longer on the table
  • Forced a vote in the Legislative Assembly on glyphosate spraying – Liberals and PCs all voted to maintain the status quo.
  • The success of the federal Greens convinced Higgs to stop fighting the carbon tax.
  • A decrease in the interest on the provincial portion of student loan debt
  • Created space for the debate to be more progressive on issues such as climate change and social assistance
  • Successfully passed amendments to two Government Bills to ensure: 1) That recommendations of the coroner related to child and domestic violence deaths are made public within six months, and 2) That the goal of the province’s industrial carbon tax is to meet the legislated targets.
  • Advocated for the Government to cover flu shots (included in 2020-21 budget)
  • Advocated for more assistance for patients requiring out of province medical treatment (ex. lung transplants) – Government did this last winter.
  • Local food initiative spearheaded by Kevin got the premiers attention and interest in local food
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