David Coon’s Message

David Coon, Leader, Green Party of New Brunswick

Remember, it really does matter who you vote for.

In this election, the Green Party has two priorities: to keep people safe and secure in the midst of a pandemic, and to lay out the Green vision of what our province can become, building on our strengths and bountiful assets.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a harsh light on the weaknesses in our ability to care for our elders, the fragility of our health care system, the limitations of our food supply, and on the holes in our social safety net.

On the other hand, the pandemic has created an opportunity – an opening – for a new conversation about the kind of society we want, the public services we expect our government to provide, and how we can meet the challenges of climate change.

And it has revealed often overlooked shared strengths and values that make New Brunswick an amazing place to live.

In calling this election, Premier Higgs is looking for a majority government so he can get back to governing in the back rooms without the inconvenience of a minority Legislature.  The Liberals are only looking to change the name plates on the same back rooms.

Since three Green MLAs were elected to the Legislature, the old parties have begun to use “green” language in a feeble attempt to spruce up old, dead-end ideas, or no ideas at all. But they have proven time and again that they cannot be trusted to deliver the kind of change we need.

The Green Party is the real Green deal. We offer new vision, energy and commitment to the future of our province.  We are the only party committed to placing the well-being of people and communities at the heart of government decisions, while protecting the natural environment on which we all utterly depend.

Kevin, Megan and I have worked hard to put our vision forward in the Legislature, in our constituencies, and throughout New Brunswick. We have introduced a new voice to an old chamber – raising issues that until now have never been up for debate. Our record speaks for itself.  

This election platform flows from New Brunswick values of fairness, self-reliance and mutual aid.  When we need something done, we do it ourselves.  When our neighbours are in need, we step up.  We are family-centred and community-minded. We treasure our lands and waters.  Greens believe government should reflect these values, and that is why we make these platform commitments.

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