Bruce Dryer

Bruce brings a youthful vibrancy and a strong passion for fairness into the political conversation.

Born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick, Bruce Now proudly calls rural New Brunswick home. He lives with his partner and young son in Lower Greenwich, NB, on their small-scale family farm. He enjoys hiking and fishing throughout Kings Centre , enjoying the natural beauty our region has to offer. Bruce’s constant curiosity and passion for the environment led him to graduate with a Science degree from UNB, with a General Biology Major, concentrating in marine and environmental biology.

Bruce has been actively involved in politics most of his adult life; volunteering in past elections and running as a candidate for the Green Party in the 2018 election. After the 2018 election, Bruce kept busy. In November 2018, he joined the Greenwich Recreation Association as vice president (River Road Hub- Brown’s Flat). A month later, Bruce was elected to the Greenwich Local Service district as a committee member, and in May 2020 was elected Chair of the Greenwich LSD. In January 2019, Bruce joined the board of Stop Spraying New Brunswick Inc. as Secretary/Treasurer. He is also the Public Landing Wharf steward, and sits on the provincial council for the Green Party. He believes in fair taxation, which is why he fought against the changes to the Saint John Regional Facilities act which would have included a property tax increase for outlying areas. By working with the amazing volunteers at the GRA Bruce realized the importance of developing and maintaining community recreational infrastructure. In many cases these facilities are the glue which holds the community together.

His work with SSNB involved many back and forth meetings with the minister of environment and minister of energy and resource development discussing the use of glyphosate in our forest industry. Bruce brings a youthful vibrancy and a strong passion for fairness into the political conversation. He, along with the growing number of Green Party members, understands that when it comes to government, there is a better way of doing things.

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